Civil Law

civil law

Civil Law in Cyprus, which is the core of private law, is the branch of law that regulates the disputes that arise between individuals.


Civil offenses in Cyprus belong to the wider field of civil law and their main feature is the resolution of disputes that exist between individuals and is valued in money, in the form of redress and compensation. The most common civil offenses in Cyprus are:

-Illegal detention of a thing
-Illegal intervention in real estate and movable property
-Unfair competition
-The offense of harmful pseudology
-The offense of assault
-The appropriation
-Public and private harassment
-The offense of malicious persecution
-The offense of defamation
-Negligence and Breach of Institutional Duty

Civil offenses give the right to sue for damages or to repair the damage suffered by the party not liable. Each civil offense has its own particular characteristics and facts that constitute it and that is why each case is different. In addition, an offense may constitute a criminal offense but also provide the right to file a civil offense lawsuit.