Inheritance Law & Wills

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We represent clients, both from Cyprus and from abroad, in relation to property and heritage management issues.
We perform the duties of property manager of the deceased and executor of the will and we are able to provide consulting services in relation to all issues which arise during the management of the property of the deceased.


What is a Will:

In a legal document called a will, it is stated:

  • Who has access to and can make use of the estate’s assets.
  • How your assets—including cash, securities, real estate, and other possessions—should be distributed
  • Someone in your family or circle of close friends is in charge of distributing your estate. that is, your Executor.
Drafting the Will Document:

Our will-writing process is always customized to your demands and the needs of your family. Making a will and seeking legal counsel on the best ways to pass on assets are two of the most crucial things someone can do to ensure the future of the people they care about.

Our lawyers have years of experience writing wills, and they spend a lot of time making sure you get what you want and that it is effective. Our staff can advise you on many factors that must be taken into account and make sure the will was drafted in a way that is valid and enforceable under Cyprus Laws.

Without a will, your fortune will be divided in accordance with inheritance law’s guidelines rather than how you would have preferred.


Executing the Will:

After you pass away, your estate will be distributed by your executors. The role of executor can be one that requires a lot of work and accountability, so choose your nominees wisely.


Disputes and Litigation:

When it comes to handling inheritance disputes and contesting a will, dealing with the death of a loved one can be extremely difficult.

If you have questions about the legality of a will, lack of testamentary or mental competence, being left out of a will, if the decedent left a will at all, improper conduct by an executor or trustee, or any other claim, consult one of our experienced lawyers.

Our team handles such matters and will assist you in resolving any conflicts and making sure that the estate is distributed fairly, relieving you of your stress and giving you the confidence that a professional is on your side.