Corporate Law

corporate law
In this fast-growing industry, we provide valid and comprehensive information, including an in-depth analysis of the Cyprus Company Law and issues which arise and are related to company management and domestic and cross-border acquisitions and mergers.
We undertake the following:
  • Antitrust law advice (exploitation of a dominant position)
  • Transfer of Corporate Headquarters
  • Establishment of companies in Cyprus and Abroad
  • Expert advice on Corporate Management of Cypriot and foreign companies
  • Interpretation and Application of the Law in Companies, Chap.: 113.
  • Corporate, Legal and Financial Studies (Due Diligence)
  • Organization and Reorganization of Companies and Corporate Groups
  • Establishment and Dissolution of Cooperatives
  • Reorganization and Creation of Groups of Companies
  • Shareholder and Consortium Agreements
  • Opinions and Drafting of Share Acquisition, Company Acquisition and Mergers Agreements.
  • Opening and Managing Bank Accounts
  • Secretarial Services and Company Management
  • Registration of trademarks and Claiming Patents

Company Formation in Cyprus

LA Law Firm oversees the whole spectrum of corporate services and helps domestic and foreign clients with every step of the establishment of a new Cyprus business or the establishment of a complicated structure of numerous Cyprus firms. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of nominee and trustee services for the yearly upkeep of a Cyprus corporation.

Entrepreneurs can successfully use the incorporation of a Cyprus Company for International Tax Law Planning objectives while also benefiting from the status of being located at a reputable commercial hub within the European Union.

Because Cyprus has one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the European Union (12.5%), investors and business owners are free to conduct their operations both domestically and abroad. The creation of a Cyprus Company is the best option for holding and investment reasons due to the low tax rate.

In order to avoid double taxation for both enterprises and individuals, Cyprus has signed double taxation treaties with numerous nations across the world. As a result, a Cyprus corporation can credit taxes paid in one country against taxes owed in the other.

There is no withholding tax on dividends paid by a Cyprus Company to its foreigner shareholders, which is another benefit that the incorporation of a Cyprus Company offers to its owners. Additionally, foreigners may incorporate and own the entire stock of a Cyprus corporation.

The following tax planning structures make the notion of forming a Cyprus Company more appealing due to the low tax system in Cyprus and the extensive network of double tax treaties that Cyprus has signed with many nations.

Our law practice provides the following comprehensive services for the annual upkeep and establishment of a Cyprus company:

Liquidation Services: Complete accounting and corporate secretarial assistance with the beginning of the liquidation process, notifying the Court and the public, keeping accounting records, preparing financial statements, and closing procedures.

Dedicated phone lines, fax numbers, mail forwarding, internet, and email are all included with virtual office services.

Creating, negotiating, and putting into effect shareholder agreements

Opening a bank account in Cyprus

LA Law Firm may help the beneficial owners of the Cyprus Company open a corporate bank account with any of the top Cyprus banks, including Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, or any other Cyprus Bank that the client may want, after we have assisted with the formation of the Cyprus company.