European Law

european law

The well-trained staff of our office provides legal advice in the framework of the European Law and in particular we provide consulting services to companies in the field of the European internal market, on issues such as standardization, free circulation of goods and free circulation of services and employees. and the right of establishment, the obligations and the rights of traders and consumers in the context of cross-border transactions and in particular with the purpose of the transaction to be in digital content.

This particular branch of law, which shapes and influences almost all the individual national laws of the Member States of the Union, is our main and greatest weapon for the safe organization and development of the companies which trust us.

Our firm’s extensive knowledge of EU law is based not only on our participation in the process of bringing Cyprus laws into compliance with the acquis communautaire through the drafting of several pieces of national legislation introduced in advance of Cyprus’s EU membership, but also on the credentials and experience attained by our legal professionals, many of whom have worked in EU Sector  and graduated from prestigious European universities.

Our attorneys specialize in EU law and have vast experience in the public and private sectors, providing advice to businesses, trade groups, and governmental entities. They have a thorough understanding of EU institutions and regulations. They offer representation in the primary regulatory areas covered by EU legislation, such as competition, trade, environment, free movement of goods and services, consumer protection, privacy, and data protection, and they help clients achieve their business objectives. In particular regulated industries including financial services, cosmetics, chemicals, technology, e-commerce, and telecommunications, our attorneys have extensive regulatory knowledge.

We provide guidance on applications for European Territorial Cooperation Programs, EU financial programs, and grants for businesses as well as on submitting ideas for research and innovation.

In accordance with the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (I) and (II), our firm frequently provides advice to big international investment institutions, who are major actors in the global investment market (MIFID). These recommendations deal with international issues, financial instruments, and reverse solicitation. We usually offer advice to Cyprus investment firms on managing alternative investment firms as well as expanding into alternative investment firms.