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Injuries, Negligence & Ordeals

Our team can take on any kind of injury case in Cyprus. Our goal is to achieve a quick out-of-court solution on behalf of our principals, saving them from unnecessary expenses and waste of time. The immediate seeking valid legal advice  is paramount to achieving the best possible outcome, whether in the case of the guilty party or in the case of the injured party.

Important elements for the outcome of an accident case (car, labor, protection or assignment, risk transfer, etc.), are the circumstances under which the accident and damage occurred and who were the participants.

Realizing the criticality of the situations faced by families and family economies when such unpleasant events occur, our office, in agreement with our customers, collects most of the remuneration after the payment of compensation to our customers.


We provide the following legal services:
-Car accidents
-Professional and medical negligence
-Accidents at work
-Liability for defective products.

No win no fee for Personal Injury Claims:

No of their financial situation, we think everyone has a right to legal counsel in order to pursue justice. Our unique “no win no fee” structure gives potential claimants peace of mind by giving people who have a good case but couldn’t otherwise afford legal counsel access to justice.

If you lose the lawsuit, you don’t have to pay our attorneys’ costs.

In accordance with our No Win No Fee policy, you might not be responsible for paying any of our legal costs if your personal injury claim is unsuccessful. If this arrangement is appropriate for your specific claim, we will go through it in greater detail with you during your initial session.

Not all claims are eligible for a No Win – No Fee agreement.


For cases in Cyprus, we may provide our No Win Now Fee option on a case-by-case basis. Our law company must be certain that before we can give you a no-win, no-fee arrangement that:

Our assessment is that your claim has a valid legal basis.

You couldn’t afford to file a lawsuit on your own without the arrangement.

You are fully aware of any anticipated expenses associated with filing and defending your claim, and you are made aware of the potential obligation to cover the opposing party’s fees in the event that your claim is denied.

Every legal dispute carries the potential danger of further court and attorney fees.

In the event that a No Win No Fee agreement is applicable to your claim, we will outline the specifics and terms of the arrangement in a Legal Cost Agreement that outlines both our and your responsibilities. Before we can start, you must approve and sign this.


Our responsibilities under a No Win No Fee agreement are typically as follows:

We will work on your claim quickly, effectively, and professionally, always doing everything we can to make your claim successful.

Notify you often on the status of your claim

We will contact you immediately before incurring any unforeseen or extraordinary fees, and we will let you know if and when our initial estimate of your legal costs significantly changes.

Your responsibilities under a No Win No Fee agreement are typically as follows:

Inform us of any major changes to your circumstances that may have an impact on your claim by being honest and transparent with us about everything that is pertinent to your claim.

Completely assist us and comply with any reasonable requests in regard to your case.

Accept and abide by any reasonable recommendations we make to you during the case, and

Keep us on as your attorneys until your lawsuit is resolved.


What kind of cases we undertake under the No Win No Fee arrangement:


Personal Injury due to Traffic Accident:

In Cyprus, you may be entitled to compensation and damages if you were hurt in a car or motorcycle accident, involved in a traffic collision, hurt while using public transportation, inside the automobile, as a pedestrian or cyclist, or if someone else was killed.

Naturally, it is crucial that you get legal counsel as quickly as you can since, in many situations, deadlines may be involved. To schedule a free, no-obligation introductory discussion, please contact us. Following our subsequent discussions, we can further investigate the possibility of compensation depending on your unique requirements and circumstances.


Personal Injury due to Medical Negligence:

You may be eligible to file a claim for compensation if you suffered an injury or sickness as a result of medical malpractice, such as the negligence of a doctor or other healthcare practitioner, or while under their care. This can apply to fatalities or deaths brought on by carelessness, as well as medical conditions, health and fitness conditions brought on by massage or personal training.

In these situations, expert advice is essential, especially given the complexity and ongoing scientific and technological advancement of the legislation governing medical and health treatments.


Personal Injury due to Working Accident:

Employees should be safeguarded against injury at their place of employment. The provision of such a secure workplace is, in fact, the duty of every employer.

No matter how serious the injury or illness, you may be entitled to financial compensation, along with a number of benefits, including: payment to cover lost wages or other financial losses; medical, rehabilitation, and related costs; loss of any pension payments; damages for pain and suffering; and in some cases, lump sum payments. It is possible to file claims for compensation for deaths resulting from working accidents.